Submit Art Work

"Art. Changes. Everything."—as artists who live in multiple parallel fantasy worlds world with unrealistic expectations, Cover It Up has found a practical way to change numerals in your bank account. If you are someone who is silently judging our font choice, you've passed our test; read the rest! Are you a person who's mentally creating characters out of nothing on the sidewalk, rendering a fantasy land in the last pages of your book during a lecture or just illustrating all the way through Adobe? We've got a deal for you.

1. You Create

We've got just one rule. 'Create. Create again. Just create.' Brainstorm a concept that you think will create a buzz. Let it bleed endlessly in your mind or canvas; you can always crop it. This is no competition. Design like you were designed—original Design Guidelines

2. Upload it!

Upload and send your design. Tell us why you love it so much and pick a title for it. You can send as many designs as you want as long as you can make us obsess over your work. Hustle and crush your creativity block.

3. We Buy

If we love your work, you'd know from us. We will call you. Post which, Your design will be listed in our products and you'll be paid in royalty, every month, for all the people who have loved and bought your art. We'll also give you access to track all your sales.

So silence your mind, pick up a pencil or a pen, digital or not and start drawing.